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Sex chat in xnxx - Hornychat website no sign up

Stranger: I choose daddy ;) You: i like being a girl's daddy! I come by to wish you a good night - knock knock sweetie - can I come in? You: no sweety - it's just that you are so beautiful. I let my fingers creep a little closer to your panty covered pussy. You are on your bed in a t shirt reading a book with your pretty bare feet up in the air. my voice is a little raspy becuase i'm nervous. Stranger: I start to notice the change and I ask daddy is something wrong? I begin to slowly raise the hem of your t-shirt up a little higher and expose more of your sexy leg.

oh yeah - i stand up and remove my shorts and free my rock hard cock. Stranger: I say I wouldn't mind at all, so I go lay down on the bed You: i take a moment to admire your perfect nude form. Ok, darling, I'm going to enter you now - it might feel tight at first, so try and relax. Stranger: I want it inside me daddy You: that's all it took - i immediately shot a huge hot load of cum deep inside your virgin pussy. You: i've wanted to fuck you for so long sweet baby! Stranger: I start squirting all over you're dripping cock as you keep going. As I let put my screams of ecstasy You: i finally collapse from sheer joy and exhaustion but so i don't crush you i roll you over on top of me and just hold your warm soft body tightly against mine with my cock still inside you. I take a sharp intake of breath but don't so anything as I don't want to shock you so I hope she goes away before you see her!

i grab u and kiss you passionately You: touching you all over Stranger: mm id like fhat Stranger: that You: i then start to kiss your neck You: and take off your shirt You: then i start massaging your breasts Stranger: i have big boobs too ;) 32D. You: mmm i lick and suck your clit You: your pussy is leaking You: and i drink it all You: wanna get me ready babe?

You: and unbuckle your bra You: mm i love big boobs ;) Stranger: well ive got em ;) You: i start playing with them and go down to suck on your nipple You: i get it all hard and wet and then i go to the other You: then i lie u down and kiss u lower and lower Stranger: mmm You: i take off your pants You: and then your undewear You: and i start licking and kissing around your gorgeous pussy Stranger: mmmm i wanna be so wet You: mmm i love that pussy You: then i start licking on it You: slowly You: tasting it You: mmm the smell and taste is so arousing babe Stranger: come and get i the. ;) Stranger: mmm yeah baby Stranger: im gonna push you over on the bed and start kissing you You: mm Stranger: and then we start making out really hard and i move down to your neck Stranger: im kissing it slowy a You: mmm Stranger: slowly and biting it gently You: i love a woman in control ;) Stranger: ohhhhh okay ;) and then ill move hard to your abs You: mmmm Stranger: ill rub then with my hands and start to kiss thsm Stranger: them too and lick them up and down You: you make me shiver babe Stranger: thats a good thing baby Stranger: and then im kissing down farther Stranger: and rubbing farther You: mmmm getting closer ;) Stranger: when i get to your big dick and im going to start licking it You: got i love that You: it makes my cock twitch Stranger: start on the end and tease you ;) ill put part of it in my mouth and swirl my tounge all around You: mmm god i love that suck me babe Stranger: and then put all of it in my mouth and suck it so damn hard You: mmm blow me babe You: suck my cum out Stranger: yes sirrrr.

Stranger: hell yeah baby You: i wanna lick u again babe You: licking u makes me so fucking hard Stranger: it makes me so fucking wetttt mmmm You: i lie u down and start licking your pussy again You: i lick it rough and hard Stranger: just how i like if You: till its all sloppy Stranger: it * You: and wet Stranger: ill be moaning like helll You: do u like getting your ass licked?

;) Stranger: do you wanna lick my ass baby You: i do.

Stranger: f 17 You: Μ 18 Stranger: mm okay You: ok what? i wanna talk dirty : Stranger: ;) You: ok then You: do u have any fantasies? it doesnt matter really You: so do u want to just start?

Stranger: is it bad if i just straivht up say thag im horny Stranger: th T Stranger: that You: nope not at all ;) Stranger: ohhhh ok ;) goood. Stranger: i mean sure haha you can go first, youre in charge ;) You: ok.Stranger: god yes babg Stranger: baby You: how bad?;) Stranger: so fucking bad ;) You: beg for it ;) Stranger: mmmm please baby i want it so damn bad ;) Stranger: give it to me, now. You: mmm ok babe You: i put my cock in your opening slowly You: and rub it up and down Stranger: mmmmm You: from your clit to your asshole Stranger: mmm ill be screamin You: and then i push inside You: slowly You: the head goes in You: and then i push hard You: going balls deep You: slamming that pussy Stranger: mmmmmm Stranger: youve got me shaki You: how do u like that cock babe? i sit on the chair in your room and pat my lap - come here sweetie - come to daddy and sit on my lap!Then I sit on top of u with my legs wrapped around u.Her'es another Omegle chat I just had with a random stranger. I can feel the heat radiating from your pussy and can see a little dampness starting to form. My cock is so hard I know you must be able to feel it through your thin panties. Stranger: I'm feeling great then I take my shirt off claiming it's hot.

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