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The number of alleged predators who have been identified is, in turn, only a small percentage of the 20,172 predators from 71 countries who responded to the researchers’ lure, asking for webcam sex performances.The researchers identified the suspects using information available in public online databases and data provided by predators, they said: Four researchers spent a combined total of 1,600 hours over the course of 10 weeks posing as prepubescent Filipina girls in 19 public online chat rooms.

Luring individuals with an opportunity to commit a specific crime is a passive method of identifying people who are already inclined to commit that crime.“While the fake girl chatted with the real men, the activists tracked the potential criminals down not by hacking their computers, but by using information they volunteered – Facebook and other social-media profiles, Skype handles, phone numbers, pictures, and video footage.” A report earlier this year revealed that 80 percent of human trafficking victims in the Philippines are girls under the age of 18.There are an estimated 60,000 to 100,000 children working in the Philippine sex industry – many of them lured into performing sex acts via webcam after being promised a “normal” job.“If we were able to identify 1,000 individuals in just two and a half months last summer, think how many of these people could be identified if governments took a more active approach,” Albert Jaap Van Santbrink, Terre de Homme’s director, told .“The perpetrators think they are invisible, but we proved that they are anything but.” Although more than 20,000 people attempted to solicit Sweetie, her creators pointed out that only six WCST predators have ever been convicted of a crime.The opportunity to commit a crime was presented when adults in chat rooms were faced with a supposed minor whom they had the option to respect or abuse.

Individuals who contacted the supposed minor were presumed innocent until they actually committed a crime on their own volition. Terres des Hommes is offering law enforcement agencies a toolkit that explains its method of finding and identifying online predators.The biggest problem in battling this type of child abuse is that police don’t investigate predation until a crime is reported, the charity says.But in the case of webcam sex tourism, victims don’t usually report the crimes for a number of reasons, whether it’s financial dependency or that they’re trafficked slaves held captive in “dens” where they may also endure physical abuse and neglect, the charity says.Details of the suspects’ identities and activities have been submitted to Interpol.The researchers gave these details in an FAQ to depict how the extremely convincing character of Sweetie came to life: First, her face and body were modeled to resemble a 10-year-old Filipina girl.It took place on 26 April between a researcher, who posed as Sweetie using an application – “Sweetie1000” – that relies on cutting-edge, Hollywood-style animation, and the predator, identified as a 35-year-old father of two from Atlanta, Georgia, in the US.