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He has cried with me, laughed with me and screamed with me.He has done crappy jobs around the house, organised our lives and supported me through symptoms, side effects and at times significant physical and emotional pain.

Therefore I feel that I have failed to articulate everything this man has done for me, for us, and for everyone around him.

Today it meant the world to me to see some of my closest friends and it also meant everything to me to see my children at school as well as my amazing did genuinely break my heart a little that it was all so squeezed in and all so rushed, in fact I wasn't even able to see a couple of friends who I was so desperate to see.

I set off for London and Reading first thing (of course hitting disgusting traffic both ways) and with over 7 hours in the car by myself (which has been a rare event this year having only spent a handful of days apart from gorgeous Jake) it gave me plenty of time to reflect.

A troublesome side effect/symptom of this disease is the fatigue and if it was possible we would do an all nighter every night but frequently, especially when the days have been so jam packed, it hits midnight and I have to admit defeat.

I hope that in 2017 I can keep the cancer stable and, although undoubtedly we will stil have busy plates with what is planned, we will be able to rectify this situation and be able to ensure we have that valuable time with friends as well as precious time with each other (not just at appointments and car journeys etc) and, along with that, we will have time to express our appreciation for everything that has happened and that each and every single one of you has done for us.

This guy showed faith and belief in us even before any diagnosis...before we had even seen each other again.

When he was in Australia last year and I was in the UK he told me not to worry about a thing because nothing was impossible and that we were always meant to be..was right.He has waited for endless, endless hours in boring waiting rooms whilst I've been in tests and in scanning machines.He's picked me up when I've felt down, stroked my head when I've felt weary, held my hand so I've never felt alone, made me feel beautiful when I've felt grim and reassured me when I've felt scared.Never once has he allowed me feel guilty, or useless, or sorry..treasured the moments we have together and remained hopeful.Over the last 9 months this man has Administered my injections, sorted out all of my concoctions of tablets, driven me all over the country to appointments and meetings whilst always trying to make me sleep in the car.Never once did he complain, worry or show any and optimism.

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