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I get to see a lot of Mistress Jean as we both live in Minneapolis and get along really well.

For safety and quick release I either use a zip tie that I can break or have emergency scissors really close by in case I need to cut the zip tie.So then she has to punish me by making my bondage tighter, inescapable and much more secure…One of the things I have always liked about Sandra’s website is that she is so good about writing up these little Di D scenarios and attaching them to her photo sets.Having a little context to go with the great bondage pics is a great combination!) but when the opportunities present themselves, we have a lot of fun!One of my favorite things is to tie myself up and get found by Mistress Jean while I’m in this compromised position.(Self-bondage is a bit of a touchy subject as it is so dangerous, so I will preface these stories with a recommendation not to do self-bondage unless you can get yourself out very quickly or have somebody nearby keeping an eye on you!! ) So with that order in mind, I continue…When I prep for bondage play, I’ll get dressed up in lingerie, a corset for sure, and sometimes a flirty skirt or dress to flash stocking tops.

I like to wear heels with a tight, secure strap to make it difficult to kick them off once my ankles are tied together, and to keep Mistress Jean from tickling my feet (that only works sometimes!) I have a really strong cuckold fetish as well, but will save that hot topic for another time.I have been lucky to have had a lot of bondage play, but really haven’t had that many play partners, surprisingly…Most of my bondage adventures involve Jean Bardot in some way, sometimes even with Sandra as you may have seen here on Trannies In Trouble.I’m really thrilled to have my friend Sybil back for another guest blog post talking about some of her favorite scenarios and adventures…Take it away, Sybil! I thought it might be fun to share a bit on that topic.I have several with a damsel in distress theme (I know, you’re shocked!I actually found it a very sexy feeling to be dressed, tied up and gagged, and then completely soaked, and it’s especially intense with a pantyhose over your head and really makes you focus on not panicking.