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I gave him a shock of bright- orange hair, and a crisp white shirt, and I adjusted his height to about six-foot-four.He looked pretty good, I thought; but he was still missing something.

This is not the sort of thing you can do in most computer games; but then, this isn't a computer game, not really, but more a kind of vast virtual imaginarium.The two of us ran through the various options, weighing up the pros and cons of each. "As an entry level attachment, the BV-3D is one of the easiest to operate," store owner Stroker Serpentine told me approvingly when I later consulted him about my purchase, although he also noted that the L,500 Paragon was the only choice for the real aficionado.Lionheart generously donated a couple of old phalluses of his own that he no longer had a use for; but, for his money, the smart Second-Lifer couldn't go wrong with the BV-3D, for just 1,000 Linden dollars (L$) – about £2.70 at current exchange rates – the best-value genitalia in all of gamespace. It will do you better than that stick I gave you," said Lionheart. Serpentine, whose real-world alter ego is Kevin Alderman, is arguably Second Life's most prominent cybersex mogul.If you can build it or animate it, you can do it." For those of us whose sexual experiences have so far been limited to the realms of the possible, this is mind-boggling stuff; but Second Life, at the moment the dominant virtual world for cybersex (up to 15 million people have logged on at some time since its creation in 2003), may not be cutting-edge for very long.Soon, some experts say, a technology called teledildonics will make it even easier to forget that you're sitting alone in your bedroom with your trousers round your ankles, by hooking up the person at the other end of the broadband connection to physical stimuli that will mean users can finally return to two-handed typing.Some people just socialise in the coffee-shops and dance in the discos run by the world's entrepreneurs; others buy swords and shields and head off to battle dragons, or even transform themselves into dragons to battle knights in shining armour.

That's not why Journalist Hellershanks was there, though.He frequently finds himself in scrapes with tigers, whose barbed penises cause him no end of imaginary agony – and delight. "Are there really voraphiles, people who like being eaten, in the real world?("Mine is canine," he says: "I wouldn't know what a meerkat penis looks like.") Now he keeps an eye-popping and exhaustive list of his preferred activities online. But online you could be a hammer and have sex with a desk if you wanted.The shop in question was Strokerz Toyz, a vast, gleaming digital emporium that could satisfy even the most lascivious Second Lifer.I navigated Hellershanks past the Sex Gen Beds and the automated poseballs, and eventually found the genitalia aisle, where a friendly seven-foot demon called Rawk Lionheart offered his assistance. " Hellershanks happily replied, and handed over his virtual cash.When I met him, Jamberoo was exuberantly styling himself as an endlessly horny meerkat in a wetsuit.