Local fuckdating site using mobile

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Local fuckdating site using mobile

As you can see, I'm a complete noob at these matters, but I'm eager to learn, so any help/pointer will be appreciated. I use the convention d.for my names so they don't conflict with anything "real".Bind is wide and deep, but if you have to go this way, I would suggest investigating an application or service that does the DNS work for you, like or maybe gotdns.com, then it would be a matter of configuring the devices to use a specific DNS server.

However I usually work with virtual hosts for many practical reasons, one of which being Drupal's peculiar implementation of multi-sites.after jailbreaking it, which is a thing I didn't do and I do not intend to do.Second, while it is technically possible to do that, I'm not working on i Phones only, I come across all kind of devices, and frankly the burden of researching the ad-hoc solution for all of them greatly surpasses that of setting up a local dns -- not to mention that I can at any time find one device that can't be configured.I usually develop web sites using my laptop as a development server, and recently I needed to test a web site using various mobile devices that can connect via wifi.Having no real AP, I set up a ad-hoc network using my laptop's wireless card and the devices can correctly browse the Internet and access the laptop's web server.Third, I never treated anyone like an idiot and you definitely misread my words and are overreacting.$TTL 1800 @ IN SOA local. ( 2010061500 ; serial 7200 ; refresh 3600 ; retry 604800 ; expire 1800 ; default_ttl ) NS porto.local. porto IN A www IN A which results in the ability to query for and that's one thing. way and s/.local// the database dump I'm going to deploy to the production server. One other solution is to setup a little proxy on your desktop machine (where you develop and host your sites with your multiple virtual hosts). If you are running Mac OS X or Linux, you can give a try to Charles (but it's not free).

In order to take into account of Drupal's weird behaviour, I actually found a solution that doesn't prevent me from working with the real remote working on a local copy, except that I had to set a zone for and the host line for www which results in the odd and long Under Fiddler, you have to activate the option tab of the options window.

Making us all feel like idiots is not going to get you the help you need.

First of all, it is true you can edit the hosts file on the i Pod/i Phone...

For those who don't know how this works, Drupal takes the request's hostname and searches into its sites/ subdirectories for an appropriate configuration file.

So, for example, suppose I request then Drupal would search for a config file in the following directories: So I decided to adopt the following style of virtual hosts: if the website I'm working on will be accessible using set up a sites/ directory and create a virtual host for so Drupal have no trouble finding it.

You can safely assume I don't have access to the configurations of the devices, as they are an i Pod touch and various smartphones, like Symbian, Blackberry and so on...

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