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How far we have been successful in carrying out these principles, the book itself must show. y We have aimed to combine the advantages of con- stant repetition and imitation of Latin sentences from the beginning, with a more thorough dril Hng in ety- mological forms than is common. Labour and pain are not neces- sary companions : learning should not be " wrung from poor striplings like blood from the nose, or the plucking of untimely fruit."* 4. The grammar of a language cannot be understood until the language itself is at least partially acquired. The vernacular may be learned, so far as its use is concerned, without grammar : a foreign living lan- guage may be so learned, but never so thoroughly, nor even so rapidly, as with grammatical aids. the higher classes, both in the distribution of the mat- ter and in the mode of presenting it. Our sexcam partners include Chaturbate,, Glam Cams, and Sweetie Cams (more coming soon).All of this means you can sex chat with thousands of live amateur models – from all the best adult cam sites – through our super-simple, convenient interface.In order to effect this combination, we have necessarily deviated from the ordinary grammatical com-se to some extent ; but we trust that experienced teachers will find, from an examination of the table of contents alone, that our arrangement is not devoid of systematic and even logical order. — V.) 10 First Declension of Nouns, Nominative, Vocative, and Genitive Cases 10 First Conjugation of Verbs»/n^ra7wi^«re 14 First Declension of Nouns, Accusative Case.

While we have not gone out of our way to bring in novelties, we have yet adopted every new method which we have deemed to be an improvement. — ^First Conjuga- tion of Verbs, Transitive 17 First Declension of Nouns, Dative and Ablative Cases .

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This is no new invention ; all good teachers have known and used it ; but yet it has been but slightly employ- ed in elementary books heretofore. Models for imitation should be simple at first, and gradually made more complicated ; but they should always be selected from pure authors, say, in Latin, from Cicero and Ceesar. The pupi Fs ear should be trained to correct- ness from the beginning, and the simplest rules of prosody learned and applied as soon as possible.

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