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That's not just about evaluating each other based on what you look like with your shirt off.

And the mission was also to create a user community that is more supportive of the I think in the gay community in general there's a certain frustration with the apps—yes, people want to hook up—but they also feel like they've lost something.To his mind, apps like his—and even competitors like Grindr, Scruff, and Jack’d—have the potential to educate, provide support, and facilitate new and better modes of gay social interaction.In fact, he’ll go so far as to suggest they may have the power to reinvigorate a seemingly old-fashioned concept: gay community.So with Daddyhunt and Mister, I decided to start cluing people in, from the very beginning, that we're not going to allow certain things.If someone has in their profile “no Asians,” and we see it, we'll have customer service email them and say: We also asked people to explain their “sexual health strategy,” to encourage people to start talking about it in a more nuanced way than just “positive” and “negative.” Another thing was not to limit characters in self-description, again to encourage more nuance.Carl Sandler wants guys to get laid—especially older guys. He wants them to be physically healthy and emotionally happy, to make fulfilling connections that may include sex but that don’t necessarily stop there.

As CEO of DH Services, the company behind Daddyhunt (which is aimed at mature men and the guys who love them) as well as the more widely targeted app Mister, Sandler—a handsome, grinning fella in his 40s—believes the so-called “hook-up apps” can do more than just coordinate quickies.

The mobile apps provide that access in a different, more acceptable way.

And for these people the idea of a gay community is so new and interesting. You have certain expectations about how members of your community interact that touch on emotional health, physical health, honesty, and other ideals. One of the things that many of us fail to realize is that the apps and the websites for many people—younger and older—are their only connection to the gay world.

You'd think that they would know things, but they don't, and they're spread all over the world.

So the things that we write in our profiles, and the way that the apps present the gay community is actually what people understand the gay community to be.

We talked about these and other issues on the eve of the launch of the Daddyhunt app.

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