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You will receive a copy of the formula with support calculations after the hearing.

Send us an email or call 1-800-HAMPTON (1-800-426-7866) and ask for , contact our Internet Reservations desk at 1-800-560-7809, from within the U.

But if you are laid off, self-employed or waiting for your employer to start wage withholding, you should make payments directly to Child Support Payment Central in Columbus.

Remember, when a judge or magistrate orders a person to pay child support, it must be paid through the child support system.

The following church credit card perils should alert churches to potential risk.

Respond by taking the appropriate steps to avoid these common dangers.

The formula considers income, expenses and the number of dependents.

Your actual payments will also include a two percent administrative fee.If the arrearage equals one month of child support, Child Support will have to take enforcement action.Remember: only an official action of the child support agency or court can lessen your child support amount.If handled properly, a church credit card raises less concern with the IRS in handling church-ministry expenses.However, many churches do not realize the dangers of credit cards.Send us your email comments or questions about our hotels, Hilton HHonors®, or our Web site.