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Brooke Ann Higgins, who was accused of plotting a Columbine-like assault on her Colorado high school last year, admitted guilt to the horrific crime on Tuesday.Gruesome details of the attack revealed The Farmers' Almanac is predicting another big-snow winter for parts of the U.

The ranks are based on total minutes spent in shows during the current month.

S., so you may want to consider these warm cities for a quick, sunny getaway.

Destination that won't break the bank On Tuesday, Tanya Thicke opened up about the ' Growing Pain' actor's tragic passing for the first time, expressing 'unbelievable grief' about his death.

Celebs like Will Smith, Jennifer Aniston and Kelsea Ballerini share the holiday gift they wanted as a child but they never got. 19) Frank Somerville and his wife are the proud parents of two girls: One adopted and one not. Postal Service flipped over east of San Francisco, killing the driver and spilling the load all over the Interstate.

Recently, the newscaster had to confront his own issues with racial bias and is using his job as a way to educate others on racism. The truck reportedly flipped on its side after the driver went off the road. 19) These cities may have low livability scores, but they are the homes of millions of average people who manage to live there nonetheless -- and usually at great personal risk.

Heartbreaking words she shared The busiest time of the year also happens to be the most internally active for you Mountain Goats.

The Sun's shift into your sign is like the beginning of your personal new year. The recent shift in energy encourages you to run a full self-evaluation review, both inside and out.

If you are searching for your new favorite performer, the top 20 performer page is a great place to start.

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The Sun's move into persevering Capricorn introduces light into the depth of your 8th House of Regeneration. The solemn energy of the Winter Solstice chills the air as the Sun spends more time under the earth today than any other time of year.

The Sun's shift into dependable Capricorn illuminates your...

But in a bold new experiment, doctors are injecting donated stem cells, aiming to boost the struggling heart's pumping power. 20) Jack and Joyce Daniels spent their Saturday morning listening to children's Christmas wishes dressed as Santa and Mrs. But their car flipped on icy roads on the way home, killing Joyce and severely injuring Jack.

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