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The events are consistent with the pattern that seems to govern the involvement of most powers active in Syria.

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And it could very well be that the theory is the best tool we currently have available to describe the complex situation in Syria.

Large and powerful hardcore Islamist groups like the former Nusra Front were not part of the operation.

Once the Turkish tanks had established their position on a hill west of Jarabulus, they began firing on the fragmented IS units in the city.

Primary Goal In the days leading up to the Turkish invasion, a bizarre procession could be witnessed traveling along the roads on the Turkish side of the border -- the product of the Turkish army's attack preparations, which involved bringing in rebels belonging to a variety of groups from Idlib and Aleppo in buses and pick-ups.

The fighters were mostly from small, Pentagon-supported units, such as the Hamza Division, the Sultan Murad Brigade and the Levante Front.

The Turkish advance into northern Syria marks a turning point in the Syrian conflict.

Its nominal target was Islamic State, but with large powers reconsidering their alliances in the region, the Kurds stand to lose the most. Er absolvierte die Henri-Nannen-Journalistenschule in Hamburg und studierte Politikwissenschaften in Istanbul.For another, Turkey was able to pursue its primary goal of stopping the advance of the Kurds, who are seeking to establish a contiguous territory stretching across all of northern Syria.That is something Ankara wants to prevent at all costs."Almost all of them fled three days ago, except for a few local followers and a couple of foreigners," Umm Chalid, a widow from the city, said of the IS fighters. We knew that something would happen." The invasion in the north is a turning point in the Syrian war, marking the first time that Turkey has become directly involved in the conflict.At the same time, many of the complicated alliances in the region are suddenly shifting, with some allies becoming estranged and some enemies discovering common interests.The Turkish army's new invasion partnership with Syrian rebels -- car-sharing included -- is just the latest of the rapidly shifting alliances of convenience used by all to pursue their interests.

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