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Native experiences are intuitive because they are designed to be—and that’s why we take to them.

So it’s crucial that brands spend some time at the drawing board before they launch an app.And despite monetizing its mobile offering well too, Facebook has had difficulty adding anything new to its original proposition, turning to true innovators like We Chat and Snapchat for inspiration.It’s no secret that Instagram Stories didn’t emerge from original thinking.Mobile native is a completely different way of thinking.It’s not simply miniaturizing a desktop offering to fit the small screen; it genuinely puts the device first.The same mad dash happened again with smartphones, and as global mobile use surpassed desktop, the marketing buzzword of the past few years became “mobile first.” The circle of life continues: when consumers migrate to a new environment, brands are never far behind.

But many brands don’t think carefully enough about their transition from one platform to the next.Take Pokémon Go and Snapchat, where scrolling is kept to a minimum, because it isn’t perfectly suited to mobile use.Scrolling is a hangover from desktop, that’s there if we need it, but it’s not always ideal for the spontaneous, on-the-hoof beauty of smartphone technology.Our phones are always evolving, which means there are always new ways to create something that captures our imagination.It doesn’t have to hinge on the camera either: with Apple’s new wireless earbuds, which are able to control Siri, voice activation is set to become much more relevant.In fact, the term “app” here becomes limiting, because this new wave of designing for mobile hinges on our experience of the phone as a whole.