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Four years after the first popular uprising, the young artists are still facing a long and tough struggle.But this has not discouraged them – on the contrary. Underground’ is an urban and style-conscious visit to the subcultural underground in a modern Middle East undergoing tremendous change.

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The French filmmaker Antoine Viviani brings the thought experiment to life in a visually breathtaking digital essay where an ethereal subject – an electronic ghost – wakes up somewhere in the electronic labyrinth of information and charts a virtual world where digital librarians, Google CEO’s and the founding fathers of the Internet themselves are lurking in the cables.

The need for social and political change can no longer be suppressed, now that the lid has first been lifted off the smouldering pot.

And if you are yearning to hear some good news and cultural signs of life from a region that is often portrayed in uniquely pessimistic terms, Eslam’s confident and fresh film is just the thing.

These devices measure accelerations due to gravity in 3-dimensions, and can be used to reconstruct a high-resolution record of shark body movements, including tail beat frequency and amplitude.

This provides an opportunity to address long-standing questions such as whether sharks ‘fly-glide’ to save energy.

‘Human’ is a portrait of human kind all over Earth.

Our differences and similarities, who we are and how we can live together.In 48 hours you can stream four popular films from this year’s CPH: DOX – for free!Was there a film you did not get to see at the festival or could not see because of your geographical location? The festival ends on 15 November, but do not worry.Both as a cinematic masterpiece and a sociological field study, ‘Human’ is in an absolute league of its own, and uses both close-ups and monumental wide angles to give us an overwhelming overall impression of a world that is at once strange and familiar The internet is the memory of mankind.Here, all the world’s knowledge is stored in binary codes, and the cerebral lobes of the server park are connected by fibre-optic cables that extend in a network across the entire globe.‘In Limbo’ is a speculative and in every way singular exploration of a place that is often – and wrongly – considered as being without a physical existence.

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