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The other Euro City trains are shown in green on the map.

In 1993 the night services were rebranded as the Euro Night network, the start of a gradual decline in the number of Euro City trains in Western Europe.

When high-speed lines opened in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Benelux, the Euro City services were replaced by high-speed trains, mostly with their own brands and therefore not classified as Euro City.

In Central and Eastern Europe more services were introduced, and over a period of 25 years the centre of the EC network had shifted east.

As a consequence of this trend, the named EC trains on the Paris–Brussels–Amsterdam route disappeared in 1995–96, replaced by unnamed TGV trains and later by Thalys service.

Between the Netherlands and Germany the Intercity-Express (ICE) was introduced in 2000, resulting in the near disappearance of the Euro City brand on those train routes, and with it the use of train names.

The network included the international TGVs between France and Switzerland, shown in orange on the 1987 map.

Night services are shown in blue on the map, with the exception of the boat-train Benjamin Britten (London–Amsterdam), whose overnight portion was by ferry, not by train.

Until then it was a mainly West European network but from 1991 it began expanding beyond Hungary in the east.

After the historic developments occurring in Central and Eastern Europe around that time, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia became part of the system in 1991, and Poland in 1992.

Originally, all Euro City trains carried names, and many still do, continuing the practice started with the luxury trains of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The names are printed on brochures showing the times of arrival and departure at every stop and details of the journey; these are placed on the seats by the train staff.

Three international Inter City trains did not qualify as Euro City and are shown on the map in grey.

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