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and then quickly devolved into a competition of who could fill their menstrual cup faster.This handy guide will walk you through any situation and ensure you sound like the sexpert you’ve always wanted to be.With fascinating tips, facts, quotes, and vocabulary, you'll be holding forth on the subject of sex in no time! Now you can entertain others with titillating tidbits and scintillating banter on that most side-stepped of subjects: sex.On Thursday, we co-hosted a Twitter party with sexperts Heather Corinna of Scarleteen and Erika Moen of Oh Joy Sex Toy. Sex with a partner and/or masturbation while on your period: great, gross, or just oh-whatever?Our highly informative (and frequently laugh-out-loud funny) #Sex Period chat focused on how menstruators and their partners feel about period sex. Most of our Twitter partiers agree: getting down with some sexy times during menstruation helps with cramps.Because of this characteristic of the internet, although Shanghai Expat will take reasonable measures to protect the privacy and intellectual property of its members, the site can assume no liability for third-party reproduction, misuse, or commercial use of any information posted by members on this site.

Section 5: Actions Taken in Response to TOS Violations Shanghai Expat uses a team of moderators and other staff to monitor all activity on the forums.

We do all we can to allow a range of opinions and viewpoints.

However, we do not confuse the free flow of debates with the unrestricted right to say anything about anybody.

More questions & answers from our #Sex Period chat participants: Q: I’ve heard if you avoid sugar during/before shark week cramps aren’t so bad. Major thanks to our pals Erika and Heather, and everyone who showed up to tweet about sex and periods!

If you agree that everyone deserves quality sexuality education, please support Scarleteen with a donation. Erika Moen is the co-creator and cartoonist behind Oh Joy Sex Toy, which is a weekly comic reviewing sex toys, sharing sex education, and generally promoting sex positivity.

Some feel a little lower libido than usual, but for the most part it was a unanimous YES to this question (especially if you put down a towel first). How have your sexual partners handled your period, or you theirs? Do you feel more or less sexy — or the same — whatever “sexy” means for you, when menstruating?

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