Camera chat tube

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1 focusses at 90cm (used in the room obscura) 4 focusses at 26cm (used in the I-scura) The other strengths of diopter lenses focus on a sliding scale between these. Traditionally people try to project the image onto a wall.Not only will this require specific optics, but by the time the light reaches the wall, the image will be too dim to view.

In our digital projection world, obscuras are a great way to inflict wonder onto kids of all ages and, like solargraph cameras, should be used in all schools, for all ages, everywhere in the world.

Many instructions for obscuras on the web require: a substantial knowledge of lenses, an ability to build stuff and the reader to own a tower overlooking San Francisco Bay!

Below are five: fast, simple, cheap and wonderfully effective, tried and tested designs to introduce the wonders of light to either a class of students or your own children (or just as a fancy chat up line! An improvement on the design can be made by cutting a slot into the box, inserting the screen and making the hole in the base.

Re-assemble the tube with the tracing paper inside.

Use the same tube to trace a circle on a thin sheet of aluminium.

As always, we strongly encourage you to always use backup streams.

The earliest form of 'photography' and use of a pinhole was the camera obscura (latin for 'better than the telly').The increased brightness of a lens means these obscuras can be used in most light conditions.The disadvantage is lenses require focussing, so slightly more time is required to make them.You may also need to get the hang of the high tech device that is a ruler!Reading glasses - for use in I-scura and Room obscuras.Every additional camera you add is effectively a new event.