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Later, other definitions were added, attempting to encompass the term "obscene".We now consider Webster's "Writing and pictures intended to arouse sexual desire" as an appropriate statement of meaning. Linebarger stated the justification for this effort in his book Psychological Warfare (Infantry Journal Press, Washington D. Young human beings, especially young males, are apt to give considerable attention to sex.

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We can probably state that they were the most widely read and circulated enemy documents of any war.One side says Life and the other Death… Well, anyway, it seems to raise the morale of most of the fellows because they hang the side up with the beautiful girl for a pinup say to Hell with the other side.The enemy’s leaflets were nothing more than appeals to the American soldier’s sexual instincts.In 2013, parts of the article were used for reference by the Talkback Company on the popular BBC quiz show QI (Quite Interesting).In addition, the information in this article has been used as source material in a number of books such as Professor Dagmar Herzog’s Brutality and Desire: War and Sexuality in Europe's Twentieth Century.I turned down a half-dozen others because I got tired of writing articles on the same subject.

I was later interviewed and my material was depicted in the long-running British Channel Four television documentary series Secret History on two occasions.

The leaflets were a lot safer than real artillery shells, and the sketches were fairly interesting.

The same sort of things was happening on the Japanese front where sex leaflets were being dropped by the enemy on Allied troops.

A typical leaflet featured a sketch of an attractive and scantily clad woman in the arms of a happy male civilian. I.’s though they would be doing if they were home instead of in the army.

The 29ers chuckled and hoped the Germans would send more over the lines.

Could it be that our enemies believed that the sexual leaflets would take the "fight" out of the American soldier?