Best ragazza italiana in cam

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Best ragazza italiana in cam - Icam oneline girl

I’ve to say that in a lot of professional shootings, I was going to prefer the output of the X100T over the Canon 5d Mk2.For me there’s no challenge, especially when you are dealing with high iso and shadows recovery: the Canon files get noisy and difficult to manage.

I was amazed about them especially at the high iso range. After one year of usage I still consider the X100T not an easy camera for everyone: if you want to master at the best the camera you have really to study the user manual to understand how to set all the features.This is just an example, over some difficulties I’ve found with this camera.I would say that it took to me some weeks to get used how the X100T works.I remember, during that first class, that I was so impressed about the sharpness and the colors of the slides that where projected from the teacher in the room: you could see in that dark room a picture that was so vivid and so crisp. Those slides where shoot with a Fujifilm Velvia slide.So my begin in the path of photography was with the Fujifilm slide: first using the inexpensive Sensia, then starting to use the Velvia and Provia.The picture quality was good but I was struggling with the slow focus and the gimmick of the interface.

At the time my mirrorless to go was the Samsung Nx100 and Nx200, I think the most underestimate system in the photography history.Everyone was falling in love with that camera only looking at the item itself: the camera looks like an old rangefinder camera but still very very portable thanks to the integrated and fixed lens.I was testing and using the first X100 and I wasn’t finding it so amazing.But after you master all these details you can’t turn back anymore.The camera is very small, portable, and still it deliver amazing picture quality.Why this long intro to my Fuji X100T impressions after an year of usage?

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