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Once full, the stripper (Sapphire in this case), will make a comment about taking her home and you then be given the option to take her up on her offer.

If you’ve got some free time in-game, check out the beaches and let me know if you’ve come across them.Not surprisingly, Rockstar has included an insane amount of hidden/secret/outrageous content into GTA 5 and there is no shortage of people posting videos featuring these awesome moments.I began my quest in search of videos showcasing the nudity and sexual content one can encounter in the City of Los Santos, however, besides what you’ll find below, I really couldn’t locate many videos that actually showed the explicit content on screen.Once you get to the party area, you’ll see several scantily clad and topless women scattered around the area.Not much to the grotto, but hey, at least you finally get to explore it, even if it is virtual. We all heard months ago that GTA 5 would include Strip Clubs and bare breasts, what I wasn’t aware of though, was just how much one could interact with the strippers in the game.Be sure that when I do, I’ll be sharing it with you here. I wasn’t sure whether to place this here or in the eastereggs piece I’m putting together, but since it contains topless women, I chose this one.

To get access to the land of ladies, all you have to do is simply drive up to the gate of the mansion.While a few brave sould were willing to post the simulated nudity, most chose to inform without providing on screen proof.I did, however, come across a several candid videos created and posted by Deathmule on Youtube that have been included in the list I’ve compiled here for you today.If you're interested in seeing more, non-sex, action of the game's first-person perspective, check out our four-hour gameplay stream.Like you, I’m unable to get a GTA Online game session going and have instead opted to just surf the web in search of fun, humor and other random encounters to experience in Los Santos.In the original mature-rated GTA 5, players could have sex with prostitutes and strippers.