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I’ve always had great examples to show me that getting older doesn’t have to stop you from anything and is definitely nothing to be scared of.We recently asked Chapin a few questions about her work; she responded via email from her home in Brooklyn, New York.I’ve been obsessed with realism since I was a child.It seems the paintings speak to a shared humanness that ignores our differences. In fact, what it is to be human, to search for what unifies us as a species, is probably the most ancient idea.I think we’ve ignored this for a while, but it’s coming back because we desperately need it to.I want to make work that digs into all of this and everything in between. But as strong and confident as they are, they still have their own insecurities; they’re human.

I think that they’re just more okay with everything that comes along with it, the good and not so good, and are comfortable acknowledging this fact.The woman in the painting called “Auntie” was in the room when I was born and is one of many who call themselves the “Aunties.” This name refers to the fact that although we are not actually related, I grew up in a community of people who feel like family.I chose to paint the Aunties, a group of women most of whom I’ve known my entire life, because they are people that I care about.Most of them have known each other for 30 or more years.They are artists, nurses, dancers, mothers, grandmothers, business owners, therapists, writers, healers, funeral home directors, wives, activists and preschool teachers.I originally started the project for very personal reasons, having no idea what people would say and being really nervous to put the work out there.

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