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Why the constructions workers complained, I don't know.

Former Portland Mayor/Oregon Governor/USA Transportation Secretary/most famous heterosexual pedophile; sexually abused 13 year old girl at age 35 when mayor of Portland 6.Skinny dipping laws in Oregon and how they relate to camping - by Rex Trulove - Heliumgood, i'm glad that Oregon isn't a place where everyone loses their marbles over an exposed torso. i have gone skinny dipping and didn't ask the permission of the other campers.i'm sure that's just one of those laws that are rarely followed or enforced.Skinny dipping totally nude is legal almost anywhere, with a few minor restrictions.Stay out of sight of paved highways and if others are there first you have to get their the world's largest sex directory for swingers, sex seekers, and others interested in explicit adult action.

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My family is fifth-generation pioneer farm stock with roots here.

We don't want to leave, but how are we to raise our babies in this upside down, un-palatable culture led by miscreants?

Doing things like Naked Yoga in front of the town's Safeway.

Every hot springs in Oregon is listed here, complete with statewide map, individual hot springs maps, map quads and GPS coordinates.

following up on that, people always say 'yeah, in eugene you see tons of topless women and naked people all the time.' never seen that once in the many years i've been here, and i've been to all the hippie festivals and stuff.

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