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This number needs to be verified via SMS before the new account verification option is enabled for the account. users can enable the new security feature on this page. homepage, hoover over their name and select Account Info from the options to open their profile preferences and select the new security option there.It is however usually easier to open the page directly. users who turn on the new account verification feature have the option to use their security question and mobile phone, or only their mobile phone when they are asked to verify account ownership. Once you have made the selection you are asked to enter your mobile phone number and country in a form. sends a SMS to the phone with a verification code that you need to verify ownership of the phone (more precisely the phone number).

It is likely that this is an automated process that checks IP addresses, countries of origins, and maybe even header data and sign-in times.

Hillary promete a união do país e Trump o fim da corrupção que diz assolar país.

Só pelas 5h00 de Lisboa é que os últimos estados encerram os votos.

More and more Internet companies are beginning to implement 2-step verification processes to provide additional security against the ever increasing attacks on customer accounts. is the latest company to upgrade the account security with a 2-step verification option for its customers.

The new second sign-in verification feature is opt-in at this point in time, and only available to users from the United States, Canada, India and the Philippines. users can enable the second sign-in verification feature from the Yahoo! Here they are asked to enter a mobile phone number for verification purposes.

This site is a reflection of the people that read it.

I may moderate this site, but I rarely find the content that goes on it anymore.

A iniciativa parte do “tempo de oração e penitência” pedido pelo papa Francisco, sendo que cada conferência episcopal decidirá como levá-la a cabo.

A Igreja Católica francesa foi uma das mais atingidas com as revelações de abusos.É amanhã, terça-feira, que os americanos se vão deslocar às urnas e ditar o futuro político dos EUA.

Miguel Brito, de 19 anos, confessou, esta segunda-feira, ter matado, queimado e enterrado Tiago Gonçalves, de 14 anos, num quintal, em Chaves.

Segundo o jovem, o crime foi levado a cabo por insistência da mulher com quem mantinha um relacionamento, Sónia Mendes, 31 anos.

A confirm your identity:answer security question prompt is displayed after sign-in in this case.

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