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In one notable experiment, the brains of rats sent to space aboard space shuttle Columbia were examined.Compared to the ground controls, space rats’ brains had significantly fewer connections between neurons.

Under normal conditions, the gravity-sensitive otolith within the inner ear works in conjunction with sensory systems to provide feedback about a person’s position in the world. Your visual system detects an up and a down direction, but you feel no weight associated with your limbs to substantiate the perception.

This is particularly true in long trips, where complications are more likely to arise.

A mission to and from Mars, for example, would require crewmembers to cohabit in close quarters for approximately three years.

In absence of gravity, this pace is not sustained and decreases, with important consequences for readjustment upon return to Earth.

The immune system is another biological structure affected by weightlessness. Monocytes, a type of white blood cell, play crucial functions in the immune system.

This perceptual contradiction results in space motion sickness, part of the constellation of symptoms under the general umbrella of space adaptation syndrome.

The psychological implications of space travel are just as significant as the physical ones.Nonetheless, international investment in human space exploration persists, especially in agencies such as the Russian Roscosmos and European ESA.Considering this enduring global interest in manned missions, it is relevant to explore the effects of space travel on astronauts—both physiological and psychological.Some of their roles include producing macrophages (infection killers), dendritic cells (immune system messengers), and cytokines (that respond to inflammation signals).Now, scientists often run experiments in microgravity conditions on Earth before attempting them in space, often inducing artificial microgravity by using magnetic fields.These discoveries, in turn, can help us develop adequate preparations for sending humans into space in the future.

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