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” Let me tell you folks that Mama Dunbar raised me right.I wouldn’t dare insult the good people of Triumph by declining such an offer.

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” even fully registered in my brain, I was reaching for the keys and heading toward the parking lot.

I wonder how far I could make it before the police caught up with me and made me return it? To be clear, I showed up in Atlanta to pick up Triumph’s new Street Twin, not the Thruxton R.

Triumph includes three rider modes with the Thruxton, Rain, Road, and Sport, and I spent the majority of my limited time in Sport mode.

With more time, I would be curious to see how Rain and Road mode perform.

While I didn’t play around with turning these off, I did come to a few aggressively abrupt stops and was pleased with the overall feel of the ABS.

It worked well to slow the bike down without unsettling the rider. Additional past production venues included Amarillo Opera, Southern Utah University, Ithaca College, University of Central Florida, Microsopic Opera (Pittsburgh) and Poor Richard’s Opera (Philadelphia), and it has been cited as “the most-performed American opera within a year of its premiere.” More information about the Otterbein University Department of Music and its concert schedule can be found at 19, in Riley Auditorium at the Battelle Fine Arts Center, 170 W. Based on a concept by Dean Anthony, Ching supplied his own libretto for the piece, and the opera for up to 30 singers can be adapted for varying numbers of singers, voice types, gender ratios and length of time, by cutting, re-ordering or transposing the keys of the vignettes. Hence, I spent the following hour riding around the outskirts of Atlanta on a brand-new Thruxton R. The fact that this bike shares nothing in common with the previous version was immediately evident.Sitting at a stoplight, I could hear the fan on the radiator kick on as the new 1200 cc liquid-cooled engine warmed up.But my initial impression is that I would like to see a bit more immediacy spread throughout the full range of throttle motion in the Sport mode.