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The MUD servers that were once thriving are now often seen as being an 'old-fashioned' gaming system.By 1994, over 400 of these MUD servers existed, but by that time, a new method of online chat had also been created.

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Internet relay chat (Also known as IRC) was created by accident in 1988 by yet another college student named Jarkko Oikarinen.Jarkko got his friends at two other universities to use the IRC program, and by mid-1989, the program had over 40 servers worldwide.The program soon spread to new countries, and America was the first country to pick the program out of Finland.Despite the early creation of Internet relay chat, it was not the first chat room of it's kind to come along.Before the creation of IRC came Compu Serve, which was created by Jeffery Wilkins for his father-in-laws insurance company.The acronym is a little strange, but it stands for Multi-User Dungeon.

A college student in England named Roy Trubshaw created MUD off the ideas of the popular game Dungeons and Dragons in 1978.IRC became part of the websites for both Oregon State University and the University of Denver.The chat rooms that were created for University purposes morphed into rooms for general conversation as people became dependant on the companionship and socialization they had access to in these public venues.This company would later buy the site, and unlike the first owner, H&R Block had the money to fund the program in order to enhance it to it's full potential.The Compu Serve system soon became the first major commercial online service provider for the United States.Every day, people around the world enjoy the still-growing Internet phenomenon of chat rooms.