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The tradition of associating bats with vampires and other monsters has been around for a very long time.But, let’s not blame this nocturnal animal for our very human fear of the dark.

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The cam faces east into the exhibit with a long view towards the tigers’ stream, a heated napping area, and trees through which you might spot the tigers slinking and stalking as they explore.Fear and misunderstanding about bats aren’t going to help them.Educate your friends and family about all the good things that bats do for us.Every visit to Woodland Park Zoo makes this work possible.We aren’t saying vampires don’t exist, especially in the Pacific Northwest’s murky rain forests (ahem, Forks), but we can guarantee that bats are certainly not going to drain your blood or hypnotize your girlfriend.They are 100% able to steer clear of your coif, unless you are harboring mosquitos in your hair, in which case you can thank the bat for taking care of that for you.

Bats spend a lot of their time cleaning each other and meticulously grooming.

But trust us—no bat, ever, has voluntarily decided to dive into your locks.

Bats are equipped with spectacular navigational capabilities that allow them to fly through the dark and catch tiny insects.

Tips for viewing: (Indonesian origin meaning “first child”) Favorite food: Evaporated milk Favorite Activity: You’ll see Olan playing with his brothers; this rough-houser loves a good wrestling match and is sure to stick close to his best buds.

(Vietnamese origin meaning “sincere, honest, or genuine”) Favorite food: Hard boiled eggs are this tiger’s favorite!

Open March thru mid-October, Stewart Beach is a family-oriented beach offering a children's playground, umbrella and chair rentals, volleyball courts, an outdoor pavilion with a snack bar, souvenir shop, restrooms, and showers.

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